"Come Home To Weathersfield"

Attention Residents,

Just a friendly reminder, pursuant to our Zoning Regulations,  
"Portable Garages" are prohibited within the Township.  We ask that all residents comply with these regulations. We appreciate everyone's assistance regarding this matter.  

Did you know:

Our police department offers an
"Are You Okay?" program.
This program is geared towards elderly or disabled individuals who live alone within our township. The Police Department Clerk, makes phone calls to check on the residents a few times a week, if no answers we send an officer to the residence to check on them. If you know of anyone that would be in need of this program, please feel free to contact the police department business office 330-652-6486 with the individuals information.

Its that time of year again!

Spring Clean Up for our Township has been scheduled for May 14-18, 2018.

Please Put your items out on your REGULAR scheduled garbage night.

Please see list for was will NOT be able to be collected.

Click here for list