Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is OpenGov? A: OpenGov is a technology company based in Silicon Valley focused on building the most powerful financial intelligence and transparency platform ever created for governments. They are transforming how state and local governments analyze, share and compare their financial data.

Q: What is is a first-of-its-kind government transparency website, managed by the Treasurer’s office, that shows taxpayers exactly how their tax money is being spent. This initiative sets a new national standard for transparency in state government .

Q: How do I select the data I want to see?
A: To focus on specific data — like a fund, department, expense type, or any combination — use the menu on the left side panel. The “Broken Down By” drop-down allows you to specify which breakdown you want the graphs and table rows to represent on the graph.

Q: How do I see the actual numbers within the graph? A: Hover over any area of the graph to see the actual or budgeted amounts for that period. Or, just scroll down to see a table with detailed information below the graph.

Q: Can I see the data in a different graph? A: In the upper right hand corner, you will see options for the different graphs and tables. There are four graph types: an area graph, an area graph by percentage, a pie graph, and a bar chart. Additionally, there is always a table view below any graph. The table allows you to zoom-in on the detailed financial data selected in the chart or graph above.

Q: Why are there sometimes spikes in one year?
A: In reviewing multiple years of data, you may see "spikes" in the individual years; this can be due to unexpected expenses, such as a hard winter, equipment failure, a capital project, or a specific event that required additional funds. You can drill-down into our OpenGov platform to learn more about where exactly those expense are categorized.

Q: How do I learn more about government accounting?
A: Use the Help menu on the top right corner to navigate to the “Multi-fund Accounting guide” primer to learn more about multi-fund accounting.

Q: I have a question. How do I contact my organization?
A: Use the Help menu on the top right corner to navigate to the “Contact” option to send a message to your organization.

 Weathersfield Township Constituents

 In an effort to provide a more inclusive and transparent budget, the Weathersfield Township is pleased to present our OhioCheckbook. The township has partnered with The Treasurer’s office and OpenGov to provide a new web-based financial transparency and intelligence tool that dynamically presents the township's revenues and expenses, from historical trends to line item level details.

 By using the OpenGov platform, residents and staff have around-the-clock access and a better presentation of the townships transactions. Weathersfield Township is one of the first townships in the State of Ohio to publicly release its financial data on the OpenGov platform.

Explore Weathersfield Township to get a feel for a new standard of transparency. For additional context and descriptions of the township's departments and programs, please refer to our Budget Overview online.

Please feel free to visit Weathersfield TownshipsOhio Checkbook.

"Come Home To Weathersfield"