"Come Home To Weathersfield"

Melissa was hired as part-time Office Assistant  in June 2008 with over 10 years of office experience.  In August 2010, she was promoted to full-time and maintained her position as an Office Assistant.  January 2014 Melissa was appointed to the position of Zoning inspector for the township and she continues to handle cemetery sales/paperwork, , as well as Police Department Clerk.  Melissa currently resides in Lake Milton, Ohio.

Melissa Murphy

Resides in Lake Milton


Sherri was hired in February 2000 for the position of Assistant Zoning Inspector.  She was promoted to the position of Zoning Inspector December 18, 2001.  In June of 2008 she accepted the promotion to the position of Administrative Secretary.  She has a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering.   Sherri lives in Mineral Ridge and is married to Rodney Craver.  She has two children:  Michael and Jaclyn.

David Rouan

Resides in Mineral Ridge

Sherri L. Craver

Resides in Mineral Ridge

Administrative Secretary

David was appointed administrator January 1, 2013.  He has over 26 years of experience in the public sector and previously served as fiscal officer for the Township.  David has a doctorate in business administration with a concentration in public administration, a master of science in management, and a bachelor of science in applied science and technology.  David was admitted to the American Institute of Certified Planners in 1998 and has been a member of the American Planning Association since 1996.  David lives in Mineral Ridge with his wife Kim and their two children, Stephen and Zachary.